Rottweilers can be sweet, devoted companions, but they're not nice when enraged. Roman soldiers used Rottweiler forebears to guard animals on long marches.

German Shepherd

Strong, athletic, and courageous. So they chase fleeing suspects even when their masters are terrified. When trained and socialised, pets make terrific family pets.

Kangal Shepherd

The 130-pound Kangal is the world's strongest dog in one region. Like their Mastiff cousins, they're sweet-natured. Off-duty, they're devoted and protective of their owners.

Siberian Husky

Huskies are plain. These 60-pound dogs can outwork most others. They can drag sleds for miles without getting tired. The sled's energy must go somewhere.

Great Dane

200-pound mutts can accidentally damage your home. They were raised to hunt bears and boars but prefer Cheetos. Friendly, loving dogs are gentle giants.


They're strong enough to pull a human from roaring waters thanks to their webbed paws. Their heroics in search-and-rescue efforts are common and amazing.

St. Bernard

Saint Bernards were raised by monks for Alpine rescues, and their puppies learn from their elders. Their excellent sense of smell and willingness to please make them good SAR dogs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

They have a lean and strong build, and because they are so protective, they make excellent guard dogs. Despite averaging 90 pounds, these pups have a lot of toughness.

Irish Wolfhound

These mutts can measure over 6 feet from snout to tail. Modern Wolfhounds make bad security dogs since they're too sociable and welcoming. This makes them good with kids and pets.

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