The Nine Most Popular Horses Kept as Pets


The most well-known type of horse is an Arabian. The head of an Arabian horse is elongated and its tail is carried high. These Arabian horses, bred to thrive in the desert, have dark skin below their coats.


The rare black horse breed is versatile and may be used for any purpose, but they are most commonly seen in dressage or as carriage horses. They have distinct dark skin tones.


Andalusian horses have curved necks and features. Grey, although various colours are possible. Strong with robust manes and tails. They're smart, sensitive, and calm. Some are black, dun, palomino, or chestnut.


Europe and the U.S. both have small horses. Miniature Horses are horses, not ponies. Ancient aristocrats kept this breed as pets and worked in coal mines. Working horses and assistance animals utilise them now.


Native American Appaloosas are popular horses. The breed has rainbow-colored spots. Strong, self-reliant, sturdy, and surefooted, they have short manes and tails. Stock, pleasure, and trail horses are Appaloosas.


Morgan is U.S.-bred. Flexible Morgans were used as coach horses and for racing. Morgans are compact, polished horses that come in many colors. Adult warmblood horses weigh 1,500 lbs.


Tennessee Walking Horse. It's a sturdy, refined horse. Head and ears are well-defined. Southern plantations used it first. Tennessee Walking Horses walk four-beats. Popular for its calm, smooth gaits and surefootedness.


Thoroughbreds are the most popular racehorses. Thoroughbreds are regarded for their intelligence, speed, and tenacity. The thoroughbred is a prominent horse breed created from Turkish and Arabian horses.


The American Quarter Horse can win races of a quarter mile or less at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, beating out other breeds. The rodeo, horse show, and ranch horse abilities of this breed have made it famous.

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