Taking care of a turtle doesn't need a lot of effort, as long as the water is kept at a constant temperature, the water is kept clean, and the turtle is fed regularly.

Guinea pigs

These little critters have an average lifespan of 5–6 years and require little more than a cage, some bedding, some food, and some water.


Butterflies are lovely to look at from the outside, they can also be beneficial house guests.


According to the experts at Petco, this creepy crawly only gets to be three to eight inches in length and can survive for two to six years.


As a relatively tame snake that rarely exceeds five feet in length, the corn snake is among the most beloved of all snakes.


A domestic or domesticated rabbit is a subspecies of European rabbits, a lagomorph. Male rabbits are called bucks, females does, and young rabbits kits.


Birds are great pets for people who don't like cuddling. You can admire a bird's pleasant song, attractive plumage, or vibrant personality.


The lovely sound of water passing through the filter will make your day more enjoyable.


Cats are low-maintenance first pet. They're wonderful for apartment dwellers who want a pet that's not caged.


When considering which animal would make the perfect pet, dogs are likely to be the first that come to mind.

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