The breed is beautiful and smart. One little dog breed is the world's second-smartest and sleeps 13 hours a day. One of the best aquatic dogs with water-resistant coats and remarkable swimming skills.


Golden Retrievers are cute. Water-resistant, wavy fur. Friendly Golden Retrievers make good family dogs. Dogs who hunt, track, sniff, treat, and help are smart. They're fast and loyal.

Doberman pinscher

Dogberman Medium-to-large domestic dog breed with a long muzzle. Their ears and tails are clipped. Dobermanns are intelligent, attentive, and loyal, making them terrific companions


They're like Giant and Mini Schnauzers. The dog is smart and easily trained. In Mechlinburg, a 14th-century city, there's a statue of a dog with a schnauzer at his feet.


Australian cattle dogs are short-coated and brown or black. Speed, agility, and stamina make the Australian cattle dog ideal for herding. Short, straight, medium-textured coat with a short, dense undercoat.


Strong, lively, and smart, medium-sized Rottweilers. They're long, muscular, and strong. Black with tan markings makes them look royal. This breed has endurance, proportionality, intelligence, & vigor.


Papillon is an antique toy spaniel breed. Named for its butterfly-like ear fringes. It's a friendly, observant dog breed. They're active, smart, and easy to train. Medium-sized, round eyes with thin, black rims.


One of the easiest-to-train, calmest dog breeds. Familiar worker dog. Good-natured Labrador retrievers are used as hunting retrievers, assistance dogs, and rescue dogs.


Shelties are from Scotland's Shetland Islands. Intelligent and simple to please, Shetland sheepdogs. Family allegiance makes them swirls.Long, rough guard hair and a velvety undercoat characterise shelties.

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