There are engravings, paintings, and records from the past that can tell us a lot. Body type and features are similar to the Greyhound and Afghan Hound. Sleek and muscular, with a long snout and a big beating heart.


Chow Chow dogs with lion faces. It has a thick, golden mane of fur on its face. The disease initially appeared in China. The dog needs to be exercised more often but is an excellent guard and hunting companion.


Lovely German dog. It's a global pet. Long, strong outer coat, short, soft inner coat. Black, brown, white, silver. Indoor dog needs grooming but little exercise. Pooch. A huge Irish Wolfhound.


These intelligent dogs defend animals. Young dogs are smart and devoted. Their friendly nature and ability to play with pets and children make them popular pets.


Popular pets, these lively, obedient dogs. Their fur is thick and velvety. Beige, purple, white, cream, and chocolate brown fur cover one adorable critter. 7 lbs apiece. They're lively and good with older kids and pets. Lovely dog breed.


This ancient breed pulled long-distance sleds. Active, large dog. The thick fur coat has a white underbelly to endure perpetual snow. They're good with kids and pets, but require early training. they make good pets. 


There are Japanese and American Akita Inus. Japanese Akitas have five colors, but American Akitas have many. They're family-protective but must learn obedience early. Akitas like children and animals.


Beagles make good pets. Dog with droopy ears. back, sides, underbelly, and legs are brown. Smart, family-focused dog. Kids-friendly animal training. The dogs hate other animals. Explorer beagles.


Water-repellent golden fur makes one of the cutest dog breeds. Age darkens straight or wavy fur. Intelligence, obedience, and poise make it a popular show dog. Retrievers require constant grooming. Brush dense hair often.

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