Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, according to some. Named after Chihuahua. It's friendly and colourful. Head, eyes, ears, and legs are round. Pointed face, big, keen eyes. These are portable lapdogs.


Pugs are tone-sensitive and rapid learners. Usually fawn or black. Its cheeks and tail are wrinkled and short. It has a dark nose patch and short light brown fur. It has long floppy ears and a wrinkly face.


Frenchies have square faces, rounded ears, and big eyes. Indoors and out, they need instruction. Socialization relaxes kids and pets. Low-energy, low-barking dogs are popular with landlords.


There's no one this dog would rather spend time with than his human family. The Boston Terrier is an American canine original. The American Gentleman is this non-sporting dog. Faint, with its ears held high, and its tail cut off short.


Pomeranians are devoted to their owners and are always game for a good time. It's one of the cutest and most well-liked toy dog breeds around. They need to be brushed and groomed frequently because they constantly lose their fur.


Papillon is a toy spaniel. Butterfly-shaped ears. Papillons have cropped ears and round heads. Long-haired dogs enjoy grooming. Early walks and poppers are needed. Dependable.


Shih Tzu has dark eyes and a short muzzle. They have a soft, long double coat and a curled tail. White coats with grey blazes are common. It's a good indoor dog but a poor guard dog.


The breed is energetic, smart, and loyal. Small size makes it kid-friendly. Dachshunds' unique personalities help with depression, epilepsy, and anxiety. It's a beautiful small dog.


Maltese are sociable and enjoy affection. Long, white coat, squat build give it styling options. Eventually, his hair will reach the floor. This breed is self-confident and outdoorsy.

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