How to Put a Smile on Your Cat's Face


To ensure your cat's contentment, provide it with plenty of playtime and exercise. Your cat can be encouraged to play by playing with one of many different toys. Some games require no player participation at all.

Spend lots of quality time

Cats enjoy human company. Cats enjoy attention. If your cat likes to cuddle, cuddle them often. Play with your active cat. Even if you're not home, pets need cuddles.

Erect a Catio

catios give cats outdoor freedom. It's unsafe for your cat and wildlife to let it roam outside. Your cat can safely get some fresh air in a catio. A cat playpen or fenced-in backyard. Cats can climb, so you'll need a roof.

Acclimate Your Cat to a Leash

Cats on leashes are safer outside. Cats can be leash-trained, unlike dogs. Many cats enjoy leash walking once they realise how fun it is. Start your cat indoors, then outside.


Cats naturally climb. All cats can climb, and many enjoy it. Most cats prefer being high up. Cat-specific climbing trees can be purchased. Use platforms around your home. These encourage cat exploration.


Catnip is popular. Its fragrances attract most cats. Most cats enjoy it. Some cats are more sensitive to catnip than others. Catnip can keep your cat happy and stimulated.

Think about a Companion

Some cats are sociable. If you can, get another cat. Overcrowded cat shelters. Some cats fight. Properly introducing cats will help them get along. Cats can't coexist peacefully. Begin slowly.

Mental Stimulus Matters

It's hard when pets see the same things every day. Puzzles aid. The puzzles contain food your cat must unlock. Cats like puzzle toys. They must solve a puzzle. It'll please your cat.

Castrate Your Cat

Unneutered cats' hormones fluctuate. Like humans, hormonal swings irritate cats. Spay your cat unless you wish to breed it. Your cat can enjoy a leash and catio without attracting other cats.

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