Great Dane

Great Danes have a stately gait, intelligence, loyalty, and protection. It weighs 200 pounds. Size causes health problems and shortens the dog's life. 8-9-year lifespan. Great Danes bloat.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This large Swiss dog has a thick fur coat for wind and cold. The average lifespan is 6 to 8 years. This short-lived dog breed is large. This dog has heart problems, eye disorders, and elbow dislocations.

 French Mastiff

5 to 8 years is the French Mastiff's lifespan. It's one of the world's largest dog breeds, and its size poses health problems.  Common issues include eye and hip dislocation. 

Irish Wolfhound

Tall, furry dog. Patient hunting and war dog likes other pets. Low-life. Only six to ten years is this breed's lifespan. Heart failure, dysfunction, and bleeding occur with age. 


Leonbergers have lionmanes. Golden fur, brave, friendly. This big dog is short-lived. Early joint and bone disorders limit Leonbergers' mobility. Cataracts and blood clots shorten life eight years. 


Borzois have long legs, slender bodies, and long faces. It's red, white, brown, black, and cream. It lives 7-10 years and can get rare ailments. Its size causes gas. Common issues are heart and joints.


Bullmastiffs are great for people with spacious yards where they can spend all day outside. It's vigilant and guardian. Short-lived Most dog breeds live 8-10 years due to middle-age difficulties.

Saint Bernards 

Saint Bernards save mountaineers in snowy conditions. Due to their rapid growth, these smart, alert, obedient dogs experience early joint and bone problems. This may hinder senior mobility. 


Rottweilers make good watchdogs. This huge breed only lives 8 to 10 years. Despite being active and well-groomed, this dog is prone to cancer, heart problems, eye illnesses, and hip dysplasia.

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