These dog breeds have one-year-old puppies. Lovely dogs. This calm, friendly dog is good with kids, cats, and dogs. The breed is social. Stranger hostility requires training.

Bordeaux Mastiff

Alsatian Apartment living is fine, but they should never be left alone. They have a negative reaction to high temperatures. Large, sociable, but dominant dog breed. Unless socialized, these dogs will likely attack.


This is a huge Italian and Swiss dog breed. Their muscles and strength are well-known. Alpine rescue specialist. Well-trained, friendly St. Bernards. They're a big dog breed. Intelligent, warm canines are ideal for kids and pets.


Fearless Neopolitan Mastiff. This large breed guards homes and families. This enormous, rectangular dog features head wrinkles and a wide dewlap. This gentle, vigilant breed protects family and pets.


Irish Wolfhounds are the world's tallest dog breeds, reaching 28 to 32 inches and 150 lbs. Dog has long, muscular legs. Dogs mature slowly, taking at least two years. It's smart and patient. Among the tallest dog breeds.


Smart and dependable, the dog. Kid-friendly. Double-coated, they resemble lions. Golden, sand, brown, red, and black coat. Brushing is necessary for housework. Yellow, crimson, cream, and brown.


They're loyal, polite, and obedient. They hear well. They bark and detect intruders easily. Pyrenees guard livestock. It's quiet, well-mannered, and serious when unprovoked. It's kind to family and kids.


One of the largest dog breeds in the world can reach a height of 23 inches and a weight of 29 inches. The breed is easily recognisable by its large head, almond eyes, and short ears. They're big and muscly.


Huge white fur coat, large head, and short ears are the distinguishing features of the Argentine giant dog. Despite appearances, these creatures are big on the hugging front.

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