Best Dogs for First-Time Owners


A little place won't suit their active lifestyle and exercise needs. They're loyal, confident, smart, and trainable. They need socialisation and training, but they're friendly and trainable.


The Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever/Poodle mix. Goldendoodles can reach 66 cm at the shoulder, depending on their Poodle dad. These friendly, trainable dogs are popular with new owners.


Pomeranians are easy to train because they are friendly, social, intelligent, and playful. Protective and possessive behaviours can be mitigated through early and consistent socialization.

Golden Retrievers

Despite their origins as hunting companions, modern Golden Retrievers tend to be low-key pets that don't need a lot of exercise. They have a high IQ, are nice people, are assured of themselves, and can be trusted, making training a breeze.


Although Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent and relatively simple to housebreak, they can be difficult to train due to their strong personalities and stubborn streaks. Physical activity and grooming are essential for Yorkies.


First-time dog owners like greyhounds. Greyhounds are hunted, therefore retired owners buy them. They learn rapidly to obey orders. First-time dog owners desire quiet, friendly pets.


Since the Middle Ages, Bichon Frise have been known as lovely, docile, and kind. They're good with kids and other animals. It's easy to see why Bichons are popular with first-time dog owners.


Tiny Shih Tzus are best kept in the house. This lovable lap dog adores being petted. They are wonderful for people who have never owned a dog before because of how social and fun they are.

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