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Once you start feeding your dog, it will quickly be followed by constant begging, winning, and pawing at every single meal. To begin the process of eliminating begging, the first thing to do is to eliminate feeding of any kind entirely including small scraps here and there.

Some other tips include:

  • Give your dog a toy or bone to occupy him/her while you are eating.
  • Feed your dog at the same time you or your family is sitting down to eat your meal. Give your dog a good long walk prior to meal time so he/she is more inclined to be ready to eat at the same time as everyone else.
  • If your dog continues to beg, ignore your dog completely especially avoid making eye contact.
  • If you want to train your dog to sit calmly under the table while you eat, you may try a training technique that uses their collar and leash to teach them the feeling of restraint around food. Simply have your dog lay down (already with collar and leash on) and leave just enough slack that your dog is comfortable but cannot stand up. Then hold the leash in this position under your foot so your dog lays beneath the table while you continue eating your meal above the table.
  • If all else fails, place your dog in his/her crate for the period of time you are eating your meal.

Your St. Pete pet sitting care provider is certified by the Red Cross in Pet CPR and First Aid and will be able to supply you with any additional information. Your pet sitter is also a member of numerous pet sitting organizations which means you also have access to tons of valuable information just by working with Regal Pet Services LLC.

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