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St. Pete Pet Sitting Tips for When You Work Long Hours – Should I use a IN-HOME Doggie Day Care?

Doggie day cares and day camps for pets are showing up everywhere. This new fad has been created for the busy pet owner who wants to come home to happy pet who feels appreciated rather than a dog who has been left alone (sometimes in the dark if the sun begins to set) all day long.

St. Pete Pet Sitting has designed a new program that capitalizes on the big benefits of doggie day cares and cures the common problems.

Owners can tell if their pets would benefit from more stimulation, interaction and exercise during the day if they notice a change in behavior. Lots of time the dog’s frustration is seen in the form of over activity acts like biting, destroying furniture/toys/shoes, or making messes in the house.  Other times the dog’s boredom can be seen in signs of depression, acting lethargic, moving slowly, laying around, constantly yawning or sleeping.

Although doggie day cares have been the recent cure to eliviate the guilt of leaving your lovable dog at home more than 4-5 hours, it has it’s pluses and minuses.

“They got it right by making an environment for dogs that provided attention, social interaction, and exercise for owners who aren’t at home to walk/play with their dog every 4-5 hours,” owner of Regal Pet Services LLC, Jennifer Kahler says, “however, this type of go-go-go environment does have a tipping point where it begins to cause frustration again for some dogs who cannot find a quite place to rest in between fast-pace play times.”

Commonly in the environment of doggie day cares, camps, or even dog boarding, after several hours of play a dog can begin to overexert themselves by simply not having a place to escape to for re-building energy.

This gap is the exact reason Jennifer Kahler created an IN-HOME DOGGIE DAY CARE program which allows your dog to receive extra attention, fresh water, interaction with dogs, regular feeding IN ADDITION TO being able to nap in their own bed, play with their own toys, and interact with familiar dogs in their regular park. This program allows for your dog to experience the best of both worlds.

Your St. Pete Pet Sitting is currently providing an affordable service that is guaranteed to create a waggin dog waiting for you at your door when you come home and best of all no messes to clean up…leaving your evening wide open for cuddling, resting, bonding, and relaxing for both owner and pet!


Your St. Pete pet sitting care provider is certified by the Red Cross in Pet CPR and First Aid and will be able to supply you with any additional information. Your pet sitter is also a member of numerous pet sitting organizations which means you also have access to tons of valuable information just by working with Regal Pet Services LLC.

Just ask your pet sitting provider when you call to set up your FREE initial meeting if you have any other questions you would like your pet sitter to bring to that meeting…