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St. Pete Pet Sitting New Puppy Housebreaking Tips

When it comes to training your new puppy dog, a little insight into dog psychology and a few simple training tips will have your puppy up to speed in no time.

1. Designate the area yard and/or house where you would like your new puppy to associate with going to the bathroom.

2. Take your new puppy to that designated spot regularly. Approximately every two hours you should 2 hours, or after a long nap, feeding, playing, and just before going off to bed. Begin to pay attention and watch for tell tail (tale) signs that your puppy may give you indicating it is time to go. These signs include sniffing and walking around in circles.

3. When you are not around to take your new puppy outside, use a crate. Your puppy will learn to control bowel movements to avoid going in his/her new space. If you have a larger crate so that your puppy will grow into it as an adult, you will need to section it off to avoid your puppy from going in a corner.

4. Accidents are bound to happen, the key is remember to remain calm tell the puppy “no” and take him/her immediately to their designated area. By getting upset and yelling or punishing your puppy, will only end up causing confusion and lengthen the process of training.

5. Finally and most importantly, remember to praise your puppy. Every time your new pup goes in his/her designated spot shower your pup with an upbeat, excited voice tone, smile, and give your pup a treat for a job well done.

Your St. Pete pet sitting care provider is certified by the Red Cross in Pet CPR and First Aid and will be able to supply you with any additional information. Your pet sitter is also a member of numerous pet sitting organizations which means you also have access to tons of valuable information just by working with Regal Pet Services LLC.

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