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Here are a few tricks of the trade that I learned as a pet owners myself of two terriers (which is one of the breeds that is more commonly known to develop allergies) before you go to the vet and pay a hefty price for testing:

  • First think of any recent changes you might have made to your dogs food, treats, flea medicine, detergent soaps on their beds, or shampoo. Any minor adjustment or change even just a brand or flavor change and your dog can begin showing signs of an allergy
  • If your dog has not yet made the switch to Limited Ingredients Diet food such as Natural Balance, then you may consider the switch if you’ve identified your dog’s food as the source.
  • A vet once told me one of the greatest tips – use blue Dawn soap, yes the dishwashing soap, to bath your dogs. It is the same soap that is used on dogs before they undergo surgerical procedures because of it’s bacterial killing ability. This has greatly improved the coat and allergy signs on our terriers.

If all else fails, go to your vet and after taking a complete history and conducting a physical exam, he or she may be able to determine the source of your dog’s allergic reaction. If not, your vet will most likely recommend skin and blood tests or stool testing if diarrhea is a main symptom, or special elimination diet, to find out what’s causing the allergic reaction.

Exerpts gathered from ASPCA Website:

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