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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our most commonly asked questions first!

Do you stay overnight?

We do not offer overnight stays (with some exceptions). We do offer late night visits between 9:00-11:00 pm to “tuck your dog in” and early morning visits between 6:00-9:00 am for a sweet “walk up call”. This allows for your pet to get alone time and quiet during their sleeping hours – and attention, companionship and care when they are awake. Most overnight stays average $65-150 per night – and with two visits you would be at two-thirds to a quarter of that amount.

How do I pay you?

Currently we except payment in advance of services rendered in the form of cash or check. You can pay at the time you schedule your dates or you can leave a payment to be picked up on the first visit; however, late payments or payments sent after services are rendered incur a $25 charge. There are also incentive packages to buy your visits in bulk listed on the services and pricing page.

Will my pet sitter be the same every time?

Currently the business is operated by the owner, Jennifer Kahler, but as it grows she will not be able to cover every client while maintaining the same level of care and attention. Our commitment to you is if anyone will be in your home, you will meet them first just as you met Jennifer. For emergencies, she has a back-up in place to call her business partner who has assisted with hotel clients and pet sitting clients throughout the business existence. This back-up allows you the peace of mind to know that if something were to prevent Jennifer from keeping her commitment that your pets will still be cared for by an experienced partner in the business.

How are you different from other pet sitters?

One thing you will notice is the level of professionalism in this business compared to others which comes through our business license, first aid training, bonding and insurance, attention to detail, our consistent communication with the owner, our advanced training, and our willingness to go above and beyond to service your needs. We leave detailed notes after each visit and contact you in your method and frequency of choice so you know the visit occurred and what happened on the visit. We also know how busy you are and that pet sitting is needed for that very reason – so we do not charge for last minute scheduling and pride ourselves on doing our best to say “yes” when you need us there.

What does a pet sitting visit include?

A typical pet sitting visit for less active dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and smaller pets consists of washing the water and refilling with fresh water, feeding and treats (when and how instructed), interaction and socialization, play and pet (when instructed), and general cleanup of waste, dirt, hair, cage, old food, etc. We can also bring in the mail, newspaper, adjust tv/music and lighting, and give medication. The longer visits are for active dogs or cats who want more playtime, walk time, and interaction.

What should I have prepared for our free initial meeting?

The free initial meeting is used for you and your pet to meet me and become more familiar. I will bring a “Furry Friend Information Sheet” and an “Agreement” to ask all the detailed questions on how to best contact you, emergency contact information, feeding schedule, likes/dislikes, and other important information on how to best care for your pet. The agreement is used to protect both parties and to ensure complete communication of how we will work together. It also services as an emergency signature to care for your pet’s emergency medical care in the event you are not able to be reached. Please review the pricing and services page to be ready with questions and some idea of the types of services you would like to use. Also have a copy of your vaccination records or any other information you think would be important to keep in your pet sitting file.

Do you keep a key or pick one up every time?

As it states in our agreement, I keep all keys in a locked and secured location when they are not being used. Some clients have keyless entry and give me a code to enter. Some leave a key in a hidden lock-box on their property and tell me where to find it. Some give me a key and then have me leave it at the end of the trip and pick it up the next time. The charge for key pick up or drop off is $10. The majority have a key ready at the initial meeting for me to keep for future visits.

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